Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, Phonak rechargeable hearing aids were created to simplify your life. Finally, a chance to free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries with a groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery technology. And because it’s a Phonak, you can always be Read more about Rechargeable Hearing Aid[…]

hearing aid price

How much do hearing aids cost?

How much do hearing aids cost? What is the price of hearing aids? It’s a question we get asked a lot – and the answer isn’t too simple. The price of hearing aids depends on several factors including: your type and level of hearing loss, your hearing aid model, technical features, your health insurance, location, Read more about How much do hearing aids cost?[…]

Understanding your child’s hearing loss

Understanding children’s hearing loss Hearing is fundamental to a child’s speech development. If you have any doubt about your child’s hearing it’s best to get them tested as soon as possible. In the particular case of children, it is necessary to be aware of expected speech and language skills at different ages, since these are Read more about Understanding your child’s hearing loss[…]

Testing children

Testing children Children hearing testing presents unique challenges: A child may be too young to follow instructions, too nervous to sit still, or simply not in the mood. That’s why Hearing Care Professionals have worked hard to develop techniques that are both physically and emotionally appropriate for kids. Subjective audiometry Subjective audiometry is the key Read more about Testing children[…]

Hearing Loss – Evidence to Look for

You should always pay attention to whether your child is listening and responding appropriately to a noise. A lack of response may indicate a hearing loss. In some cases it is difficult to detect mild forms of hearing loss, such as hearing loss in only one ear. Important: Always remember that even a slight hearing loss negatively affect Read more about Hearing Loss – Evidence to Look for[…]