How to read an Audiogram

How to read an audiogram An audiogram is a chart a hearing test is marked on. The degree of hearing loss is measured in dB for defined key frequencies. The frequency is measured in Hertz, abbreviated with ā€œHzā€. Curves displayed in Decibels (dB) generally describe the individual hearing threshold of a person compared to the Read more about How to read an Audiogram[…]

Degrees of hearing loss

Degrees of hearing loss Different levels of hearing loss are referred to as degrees, depending on the severity of impairment. Degrees of hearing loss Hearing threshold (in decibels, dB) Ability to hear speech None 0 – 25 dB No perceptible difficulty. Mild 26 – 40 dB Difficulty hearing soft speech and conversations, especially in noisier Read more about Degrees of hearing loss[…]

Types of hearing loss

Types of hearing loss Conductive hearing loss Conductive hearing loss occurs when the outer or middle ear is dysplastic or does not work properly. Consequently, sound waves cannot be efficiently conducted to the inner ear. In case of a temporary dysfunction, it is often possible to correct conductive hearing loss with surgery and/or treatment with Read more about Types of hearing loss[…]

Understanding hearing loss

Understanding hearing loss Hearing loss affects a great number of people around the world. And it affects them in a variety of ways. Over time, hearing loss can influence your communication and relation with others in a negative way. So by leaving hearing impairment untreated, a physical condition may also become a psychological one. This Read more about Understanding hearing loss[…]