Hearing Care Package

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Per Week
Premium Hearing Care
Premium Range Hearing Aid & Services
Premium Plus range of hearing aid (one)
Outdoor activities
entertainment venues
Busy restaurants
frequent social gatherings
conference calls
multi media connectivity
Travel & Airports
Concerts & Arts
Group Presentations
+17 channels
Automatic narrow focus speech with background noise reduction
continuous noise tracking
Binaural hearing advantage
Sudden noise reduction instantly
Adjustable directional mix for easy listening
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Per Week
Standard Hearing Care
Includes Standard hearing aid & Services
+ Shopping
Movie Theatres
Health Clubs
Small group meetings
Conversation with children
+12 Channels
Natural Directionality for 360 degree awareness
Easy to adapt with automatic functions
iPhone/ iPad compatibility
Improved audibility for high pitched sounds
*Terms & conditions apply
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All Packages are inclusive of

  • Full audiological evaluation
  • Customization of device(s)
  • Electro-acoustic verification of fitting
  • Speech intelligibility performance in quiet & noise
  • Review of outcome
  • 30 Days no obligation trial*
  • 3 Post fitting Adjustment appointments
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 Types of Hearing Aids Available

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IIC & CIC - SmallestITC - In the earRIC & BTE - Over the ear


Nitro-micon_CIC_on-floor_276pxThe IIC’s are the smallest hearing aid models on the market. Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids use the ear’s natural shape to localize sound. The custom-made shell is made to fit deep into your ear canals, making it virtually invisible.

IIC hearing aids fit so comfortably in your ears that you may forget you are even wearing them. They are also fully automatic, making the listening experience even more natural.


Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are a great option for those with mild to moderate-severe hearing loss who are looking for a discreet hearing aid solution.

Depending on the size and shape of your ear, a CIC hearing aid can fit deep inside the ear canal, making it almost invisible. All Widex CIC hearing solutions are fully automatic – so you can hear clear and natural sounds with minimal or no intervention. CIC hearing aids can be removed via a small extension cord.


ITE hearing aids are suitable for most types of hearing losses. They are usually small like an eartip and sit in the outer portion of the ear canal. Depending on the size of the ear canal an in the ear hearing aid may be relatively discreet.

When you are fitted for an ITE, the shell of the hearing aid is custom-made to fit the shape of your ear. This shell contains all vital electronics and is great for people on-the-go who need their hearing aids to stay in place. The batteries are inserted via a battery door located directly on the hearing aid. They can be easily removed with a small magnetic wand.

In recent years, receiver in the ear canal (RIC) hearing aids gained popularity due to their high end performance, discrete and comfortable fit and low maintenance. All leadingAce_Silver manufacturers provide these hearing aids, with latest features such as multi channel, digital noise reduction, adaptive directional microphones and much more.

Hearing instruments are worn behind the ear and come with tiny housings because their receiver sits directly in the ear canal. The so-called mini-Receivers come in different sizes for different levels of amplification. RICs can be quickly and easily adjusted and provide a high degree of wearing comfort, discretion and appropriate amplification.

Hearing aids are used for all types of hearing losses from mild to profound. They come in a variety of styles from Miniature-BTEs to the larger Super Power instruments. Many BTE hearing aids offer multiple directional microphone systems for improved understanding of speech in noisy situations