Staff Profile

Know your Audiologist

bisName :                 Biswajit Sadangi

Qualification:     BHLS, M.Sc.(Aud), MAudSA (CCP)

Affiliation & Accreditation: Full Member of Audiological Society of Australia (ASA), Full member of Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA), Accredited Service Provider for Medicare, Office of Hearing Services, NSW Workcover.

Work Experience : Bis has been practicing Audiology for over a decade. He has worked in various industries providing service to all age groups for their audiological needs. His special interests are in Diagnostic Audiology & Tinnitus. His other areas of interest are:

  • Paediatric Audiology
  • Geriatric Audiology
  • Noise conservation & ear protection
  • Diagnostic Audiology
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Tinnitus Assessment & treatment
  • Advanced Hearing Aids & Listening Devices